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3 04 2011

Covered two National Competitions for British Gymnastics in the last couple of weeks. The first was The Compulsory Level Two Competition at Park Road in Liverpool.I have been covering this event now since 2001. Park Road Gymnastics centre is a great venue and the home of Beth Tweddle and  current British Champion Hannah Whelan. Lighting is not great but cameras have improved since 2001 and now with the D3 shooting at 2500 iso produces almost grain free photos. I find you need to get the exposure spot on and take a manual white balance reading though.

Split Leap on Beam

Teal Grindle centre 2011 Champion

The British Acrobatics Championships held at Fenton Manor in Stoke produced a great weekend of gymnastics. Here is a brief report from the BG ”

Sunday, 27th March:  The two day 2011 British Acrobatic Gymnastics Championship saw tough competition for the titles particularly in the Junior and Age Group levels, plenty of new high quality routines across all disciplines and some very promising new Senior partnerships. The Senior men’s pair title went to Adam McAssey & Edward Upcott (Heathrow), both 2010 World Champions; Adam- in the men’s group and Edward- in the men’s pair, and both – members of the phenomenal “Spelbound”.

Heathrow’s competitors were unbeatable also in the women’s groups (Liliana Walduck, Casey Morrison, Hollianne Wood); in the mixed pairs (Chris Rogers & Amber Campbell-White) and the women’s pairs (Alanna Baker & Poppy Spalding).

The 2011 title in the “classic” Acro-discipline, the men’s four, belongs to Deerness Valley (Richard Hurst, Dorian Walker, Matthew Evison, and Jesse Heskett).

These Championships served also as the first stage of the European trials with another two to be held in June and July, prior to the 2011 European Championships in Varna, Bulgaria, in October.

“One of the most positive features of this event was the tough challenge in the mixed pairs, women’s pairs and the women’s groups in the Junior and Age Group levels. There is obviously a lot to be done to improve and polish the performances, but as a whole the competition exceeded my expectations”, said the BG National coach Toshko Pavlov.”

Action from the British Acrobatics Championships

Action from the British Acro Championships

Photos from the two events can be viewed and ordered from



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