Liverpool Hope University Graduation Photos 2011

22 07 2011

Liverpool Hope  Graduation Photos now online to view and buy at

Liverpool Hope University Graduation photos 2011

A Varied Week

3 04 2011

What makes my job so interesting is that no two days are the same. Last week for example: It started with a job for my London Agency and involved covering the arrivals for a Hollyoaks party in the the Blue Bar in Liverpool. The weather was wet and cold and keeping the camera dry was a problem. As usul I for got to bring my camera rain cover and had to resort to a plastic bag I had in the car. Anyway the job lasted for two hours and despite the rain the celebs turned out in style.

Victoria Atkin and Saira Choudhry pose for a photo

Next up was photographing an Inaugural Lecture at Liverpool Hope University. I have covered several of these before and tonight it was the turn of Professor Chris Atkin.In this lecture Professor Atkin argued that the multi-functional nature which has long been a defining characteristic of adult and continuing education has become dominated by human capital theory linked to very specific notions of employability. Professor Atkin drew on a decade of research in adult skills development in rural communities to stress the importance of education in promoting opportunity and the development of civil society.

Well I don’t really have a chance to listen to the lecture as I find it hard to concentrate while being on the look out  for good photos. The leture went down well with the audience and below is a shot taken from the back of the Senate room with a 400 2.8 Nikon telephoto lens.

Professor Chris Atkin delivers his Inaugural Lecture at Liverpool Hope University

Professor Chris Atkin delivers his Inaugural Lecture at Liverpool Hope University.

On to Southport Floral Hall next for an evening performance by Sefton Music Services in aid of the Mayors Charity Fund. A packed Floral Hall saw some great performances. Very challenging for photography. The  centre of the stage was lit by some powerful spot lights, leaving the sides in the dark. Three stops difference in exposure.Managed to get some decent images though exposing for the spots to keep burn out to a minimum. I find the D3 handles highlights really well,especially when compared to the D1 and D2 series.

Performing in Southport

Performing in Southport

Performing in Southport

Covered a Netball Tournament in Wirral on Saturday for the AfPE. What a fast moving game netball is.I always find it a challenge  to photograph,anticipating the movement of players and ball around court is the key to good photos. Good weather made a pleasant change for this outdoor shoot. The first time in a while I haven’t needed full waterproofs and many extra layers. Shooting at 800 asa with an aperture of 2.8 gave me a shutter speed of 1/2000. The Nikon 70-200AFS V11 proved again what a great lens this is. Great contrast,instant focusing and well balanced to handhold. This is one of my favorite lenses.

Action from a Schools County Netball Competition

Action From a Schools County Netball Competition

Images from the Competition can viewed  at Files under “recent images” or “sports feature photos”

Former Miss Canada finalist Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy Graduates with an MA studying the music of the Beatles

27 01 2011

Covered a great story yesterday,working at Liverpool Hope University photographing their Winter Graduation. See below:

Former Miss Canada finalist Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy was one of the first students to sign up for the first ever course on the Fab Four when it launched in March 2009 at Liverpool Hope Univerity. In total, 12 full time students joined the Master of Arts course that year and Mary-Lu is the first from her class to graduate.

The unique MA in The Beatles, Popular Music and Society was a world first when it took its first class of students in September 2009.

We met Mary Lou at the now famous Penny Lane in Liverpool to shoot the press photo. I have lived in Liverpool all of my life and this was the first time I have been to Penny Lane!

Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy in Penny Lane

Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy in Penny Lane

Alan Edwards

Former Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine visits Liverpool Hope

6 12 2010

Covered this event at Liverpool Hope University last Thursday 2.12.10.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine officially opened Liverpool Hope University’s brand new Business Gateway on Thursday 2nd December.

Welcoming Lord Heseltine to Hope, Vice Chancellor Professor Pillay spoke of his “seminal contribution” to the regeneration of Liverpool, saying:”I’m delighted that Lord Heseltine is opening the Business Gateway. This building is a shot in the arm for the University’s ambition.”

During his speech, in which he praised the new building, Lord Heseltine said:”Every time I come  to Liverpool it’s a trip down memory lane. Liverpool today is unrecognisable – it’s pulled itself up from the bottom. I’m very pleased to be associated with Liverpool Hope’s Business Gateway.”

Photo by Alan Edwards

Photo by Alan Edwards


The new Business Gateway is housed within the University’s brand new £8.5m Education and Enterprise (EDEN) building and will become a single point of entry for any business enquiries to Liverpool Hope University for organisations looking to source corporate and professional training, collaborative research, plus educational partnerships.

Further photos from the visit can be found at



David Cameron launches the Big Society at Liverpool Hope University.

4 08 2010

David Cameron launches the Big Society at Liverpool Hope University.

Covered this event for Liverpool Hope.

Used a combination of lenses from 400mm to 28mm.Nikon 400 especially useful shooting from the back of the hall.

Prime Minister David Cameron chose Liverpool Hope University’s Creative Campus to launch the Government’s “Big Society” project on Monday, a scheme aiming to involve more social enterprises, charities and community groups in providing local services.

Mr Cameron was greeted by Campus Provost Professor Bill Chambers before addressing an audience of community leaders, politicians and journalists in The Cornerstone’s Great Hall. He then gave TV interviews in the new Angel Field garden.

PM David Cameron Launches the "The Big Society"

PM David Cameron Launches the "The Big Society"

PM David Cameron Launches the "The Big Society"

PM David Cameron Launches the "The Big Society"

Graduations 2010

3 08 2010

The last month has been hectic here at F2images. The university graduation ceremonies at Liverpool Hope have taken place over the last couple of weeks. This usually means starting at 8.00 am with the gowning and finishing at 10.00 pm with the formal evening meal.

Photos have to be processed and put online each day so an 18 hour day becomes the norm. I use Photoshelter to archive and offer the prints for sale to the graduates. So far this is working very well.(link here to photo shelter site)

Among the Honorary Degrees awarded this year was Cherie Booth QC who received a Doctor of Laws,Sir Anthony Kenny, Fr Michael Lapsley and Professor Rajmohan Gandhi

Also managed to catch actress  Kim Cattrall outside the Anglican Cathedral after her award ceremony from Liverpool John Moores University.

Primary school children also have the opportunity to graduate. This year over 500 did so from Knowsley Children’s University Project.The project awards children for attending after school activities

For this busy period the I used two D3’s and two lenses 24-70 f2.8 and the 70-200 f2.8AFS VR 11 exclusively.Both camera and lenses performed flawlessly.Will need to stock up on camera card and batteries though before the busy September period.

The Graduation photos can be viewed and ordered from