Trampoline Media Day

2 11 2011

British Gymnastics held a Media Day at the University of Bath last ahead of the World Championships in Birmingham.

Photos are now online at

Mens & Womens Trampoline Team

Trampoline Nationals 24.7.11 Birmingham

25 07 2011

Covered this event for British Gymnastics. Photos available to view and buy at

Luke Strong from Liverpool winning the Senior Mens Title

British Trampoline Nationals 2010

27 07 2010

British Trampoline National finals NIA Sunday 24.7.10.

Sunday 25th July.Off to cover the British Trampoline Nationals at the NIA in Birmingham.
Traveling by train.Decided to take two lenses and two camera bodies. Settled on the 200 f2 and the 70 -200 2.8 along with two D3’s bodies. Hopefully inside the podium the 200 telephoto should be sufficient to fill the frame.
Using the ThinkTank Photo Glass Taxi bag along with the Artificial Intelligence for the Macbook Pro. Twenty minute walk from New Street Station to the NIA so far so good.Seems easier than the roller.Shooting at the NIA usually is fine with the following meter readings 1600 asa with a shutter speed of 500s.I chose to shoot with a faster shutter speed and pushed to ISO to 2500.This gave me a working shutter speed of 1250 at f2.

NTGA’s James Higgins took his fourth successive Men’s British Trampoline Title with City of Liverpool’s Emma Smith taking the Female Championships.

James Higgins Mens Champion.

Emma Smith Womens Senior Champion

Michael Barnes in action during the Senior Mens Tumbling Competition

Action from the Double Mini-Tramp Competition

Competitor in the Girls U19 Competition

The photos from the British Trampoline Nationals can be viewed at