A Varied Week

3 04 2011

What makes my job so interesting is that no two days are the same. Last week for example: It started with a job for my London Agency and involved covering the arrivals for a Hollyoaks party in the the Blue Bar in Liverpool. The weather was wet and cold and keeping the camera dry was a problem. As usul I for got to bring my camera rain cover and had to resort to a plastic bag I had in the car. Anyway the job lasted for two hours and despite the rain the celebs turned out in style.

Victoria Atkin and Saira Choudhry pose for a photo

Next up was photographing an Inaugural Lecture at Liverpool Hope University. I have covered several of these before and tonight it was the turn of Professor Chris Atkin.In this lecture Professor Atkin argued that the multi-functional nature which has long been a defining characteristic of adult and continuing education has become dominated by human capital theory linked to very specific notions of employability. Professor Atkin drew on a decade of research in adult skills development in rural communities to stress the importance of education in promoting opportunity and the development of civil society.

Well I don’t really have a chance to listen to the lecture as I find it hard to concentrate while being on the look out  for good photos. The leture went down well with the audience and below is a shot taken from the back of the Senate room with a 400 2.8 Nikon telephoto lens.

Professor Chris Atkin delivers his Inaugural Lecture at Liverpool Hope University

Professor Chris Atkin delivers his Inaugural Lecture at Liverpool Hope University.

On to Southport Floral Hall next for an evening performance by Sefton Music Services in aid of the Mayors Charity Fund. A packed Floral Hall saw some great performances. Very challenging for photography. The  centre of the stage was lit by some powerful spot lights, leaving the sides in the dark. Three stops difference in exposure.Managed to get some decent images though exposing for the spots to keep burn out to a minimum. I find the D3 handles highlights really well,especially when compared to the D1 and D2 series.

Performing in Southport

Performing in Southport

Performing in Southport

Covered a Netball Tournament in Wirral on Saturday for the AfPE. What a fast moving game netball is.I always find it a challenge  to photograph,anticipating the movement of players and ball around court is the key to good photos. Good weather made a pleasant change for this outdoor shoot. The first time in a while I haven’t needed full waterproofs and many extra layers. Shooting at 800 asa with an aperture of 2.8 gave me a shutter speed of 1/2000. The Nikon 70-200AFS V11 proved again what a great lens this is. Great contrast,instant focusing and well balanced to handhold. This is one of my favorite lenses.

Action from a Schools County Netball Competition

Action From a Schools County Netball Competition

Images from the Competition can viewed  at http://www.f2images-photolibrary.co.uk. Files under “recent images” or “sports feature photos”

International Netball.

21 02 2010

What a fast and furious game top flight netball is.It must be one of the most difficult sports to photograph.In basketball  the players drive forward with the ball giving the photographer time to lock focus on them.In netball however there is no dribbling allowed and the some of the best action is where the ball is thrown to. You have to anticipate this and be ready for the players to jump and catch the ball making for a good action shot.

I  covered the 1st Test match between England and Australia at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on Thursday 18.2.10. The hosts made early inroads, going 9-6 in front by the end of the first quarter before the Australians pulled it back to 18-18 by the second break. England built on their early momentum, leading 30-26 at the third quarter and holding on for a 41-40 win.

Shooting from behind the net I used a  Nikon D3 and 70-200 AFS 2.8 VR 11 lens combination. The settings were 2500 asa 1/800s at 2.8. I travelled light to this venue and was sorry I left the 300 2.8 at home. It would have made some nice close ups and would  have been able to capture action from the the far end of court. Next time……you never stop learning in sports photography!

Photos from the event can be viewed and purchased from the following link:


Alan Edwards      www.f2images.co.uk