Luke and Cameron win in South Africa

6 12 2010

Luke and Cameron win in South Africa
The new Commonwealth Games All-around Champion Luke Folwell rounded up the most successful year in his career by winning the victories on Rings and P. Bars, Silver on High Bar and Bronze in the All-around and Pommels at The Bumbo Cup in Johannesburg (South Africa), Saturday, 4 December 2010.

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Luke Folwell in action at the Mens British Championships

Glasgow Grand Prix Gymnastics 2010

21 11 2010

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Hannah Whelan in action

Kuksenkov of Russia on High Bar

2010 Glasgow Grand Prix
Kelvin Hall – November 20th

The British gymnasts finished with a magnificent 5 medals at the Glasgow Grand Prix World Cup Event.

Hannah Whelan Silver on Beam, Jenni Pinches Bronze on Floor, Imogen Cairns Silver on Vault, Theo Seager Silver on Vault and Louis Smith Gold on Pommel.

Louis Smith fresh from his recent World Championship Silver medal once again produced the goods to take the Pommel Horse Gold medal scoring 15.550 ahead of great rival Kristian Berki in second -15.300.

Louis said: “I’m really pleased with my routine today and the Gold medal against a truly World class field in Glasgow, including the two former World Champions. This year I’ve achieved everything I set out to do and next year I will be unleashing a bit more difficulty and continue to progress towards my goals at London 2012.”

Theo Seager, the powerhouse of the Men’s Team took the Vault Silver behind Chile’s Gonzalez, Theo scored 15.875 on Vault and also made the Rings Final.

Imogen Cairns, Commonwealth Vault Champion and recent World Vault finalist took the Silver on “her” piece, with 13.875.

Hannah Whelan, 2010 British Champion took Australian Lauren Mitchell on in the Beam competition and came a very close second with 14.500 behind Lauren’s 14.675.

Jenni Pinches then took her first ever Grand Prix medal with the Bronze on Floor scoring 14.150.

Daniel Purvis failed to medal but produced solid routines in his 3 Finals, whilst debutant Ashley Watson competed in the High Bar Final.

Overall, Australian Lauren Mitchell was the star performer in the Women’s events, taking the Beam and Floor titles along with the Asymmetric Bars Bronze; Lauren said: “It’s been an amazing few months, not only for me but for the whole Australian Team. The Commonwealth Games was a great chance for us all to compete in a big event and get experience ahead of the World Championships, which were the big aim for the whole Team. To qualify for the next step of the Olympic Qualification was key so we were really happy with that and then of course for me to win the Floor title was just the icing on the cake – the day just went perfectly for me and I was amazed to get the title! Since the It’s been really hectic traveling to lots of events which have given me great experience. Here in Glasgow I’ve been really happy with my performance and winning the two title,s as the equipment wasn’t what I was used too so it show that I can adapt and work in a range of environments, which is important and shows I’m developing.”

The Men’s events were more evenly split with apparatus specialists battling it out on each separate piece.


1  KURBATOVA Ekaterina RUS 13.912
2 CAIRNS Imogen GBR  13.875
3 PINTO ADASME Makarena CHI 13.762
1  WU Liufang CHN 14.750
2 LOPEZ Jessica VEN 13.800
3  MITCHELL Lauren AUS 13.725
1  MITCHELL Lauren AUS  14.675
2  WHELAN Hannah GBR 14.500
3 LOPEZ Jessica VEN 13.975
1 MITCHELL Lauren AUS 14.800
2  PIHAN-KULESZA Marta POL  14.250
3 PINCHES Jennifer GBR 14.150

2 SEAGER Theo GBR  15.875
3 WAMMES Jeffrey NED  15.775
1 BALANDIN Aleksandr RUS 15.825
1  LIAO Junlin CHN 15.825
3 PLUZHNIKOV Konstantin RUS 15.625
1 SMITH Louis GBR 15.550
2 BERKI Krisztian HUN 15.300
3 BERTONCELJ Saso SLO 15.225
1 PETKOVSEC Mitja SLO 14.450
2 BERBECAR Daniel ROU 15.350
3 SABOT Hamilton FRA 15.325
1 SHATILOV Alexander ISR 15.375
2 GONZALEZ SEPULVEDA Enrique Tomas CHI  15.275
3 WAMMES Jeffrey NED  15.250
High Bar
1 MOZNIK Marijo CRO 15.225
2  KUKSENKOV Mykola UKR  15.150
2 WAMMES Jeffrey NED 15.150


With Yurchenko 1 1/2 twist and Yurchenko half on piked front off Imogen vaulted to a Silver medal, 13.875. Jennifer Pinches scored 13.337 with the Gold medal won by Ekaterina Kurrbatova of Russia, certainly the most accurate vaulter with Yurchenko 1 1/2 and Yurchenko half on piked front half off, 13.912.

Liufang Wu of China confirmed her qualifications dominance of the Bars with 6.1 difficulty and 14.75 to take Gold. Jessica Lopez, 13.8  and 13.725 for Lauren Mitchell of Australia were a league behind in difficulty and precision.

Lauren Mitchell of Australia found herself in a real battle with Britain’s Hannah Whelan with just 0.175 sending the Gold “down-under”. A great result for Hannah establishing her as a competitor on the World stage.

2 British gymnasts in such a quality final was a great inspiration for the audience. Jennifer Pinches held the Bronze medal with 14.15 as World champion Lauren Mitchell made a positive Gold performance. Hannah Whelan finished 5th.

As World Floor Champion Eletherios Kosmidis of Greece bombed, out Alexander Shatilov of Israel won the days first Gold medal with 15.375. For Dan Purvis of Great Britain 14.925 for 5th, not as precise as he can be.

Head to head once again, World Champion Kristian Berki and Louis Smith. Extreme elegance versus extreme difficulty.
For Louis 100% improved form to convince the judges that his outrageous difficulty takes full credit. 15.55 was an awesome target that no other could match. Berki straddled his Wu and 15.3 scored for Silver. An interesting Bronze went to Saso Bertoncelj of Slovenia who just may be the heir apparent to Smith and Berki.

Alexsander Balandin was the most convincing in shapes and holds, a pencil thin Maltese with 15.825. He was separated from Junlin Liao’s 15.825 by the complex countback rules using the E jury scores. Theo Seager, 13.7 for 8th; Rings is a very exclusive club.

Gold for Gonzales of Chile, he took a big risk with double piked Tsukahara and it was a good decision. For Theo Seager a hard won Silver with Roche and 2 1/2 twist for 15.75. Theo has the tenacity and single-mindedness to keep firing on all cylinders even when there is no petrol in the tank; born to succeed.

Mitja Petkovsek of Slovenia knocked Dan Purvis off the podium with the last routine of this final. His clarity of technique and elegance were outstanding.

Gold to Manjo Moznik of Croatia, whilst the youngest of British stars Ashley Watson enjoyed his first Grand Prix Final.

World Cup winners-

As the final event of the 2010 Grand Prix series the World Cup winners for the year were also announced-

Men’s Floor – Eletherios Kosmidis (GRE)
Pommel – Krisztian Berki (HUN)
Rings – Alexandr Baldandin (RUS)
Men’s Vault – Jeffery Wammes (NED)
Parallel Bars – Mitja Petkovsek (SLO)
High Bar – Mariji Moznik (SLO)

Women’s Vault – Tijana Tkalcec (CRO)
Bars – Liufang Wu (CHN)
Beam – Liufang Wu (CHN)
Floor – Jessica Lopez (VEN)

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Mens British Gymnastics Championships 2010

7 11 2010

Purvis and Hunter share the British title!

Sam Hunter & Courtney Tulloch

Kristian Thomas

Daniel Purvis

Sam Hunter


Daniel Purvis (Southport) and Sam Hunter (Unattached) both scored 86.250 to dramatically share the 2010 Men’s British Senior All-around title.

Arguably the most consistent performers in the historically successful British Team throughout the year; it is a fitting end that they share the title. World and European Floor Bronze medallist Dan Purvis has shown he can handle the pressure in the big competitions but it was Sam Hunter, back from injury in 2010 who had the pressure going into Rings, his last routine where a 14.550 score left him in a dead heat with his British teammate.

Ruslan Panteleymonov of Hinckley also a member of the British Team, competing in his ‘home gym’ took the Bronze with 85.900.

Daniel Purvis: “It’s been an incredible year and this is definitely one of the highlights, I had to pick myself up a bit after the excitement of the World Championships and I’m really happy I could pull out a clean competition and take the title. Me and Sam have battled all year and so to come joint 1st is a fitting end really. 2010 has been great, the Team Silver at the Europeans was maybe the happiest moment as it was for everyone but then the Individual European and World medals were just a dream as was the World All-around, hopefully its something I can repeat next year.”

Sam Hunter: “It’s been a great year for me. I have always had my eye on winning the British title as I felt I had the ability, today went quite well and the fact that it wasn’t perfect shows that the talent is there I think. We have some amazing gymnasts who are all competing at a great standard. I hope to now increase my difficulty before looking ahead to the next European Championships.”

All Around

HUNTER Sam – Unattached 86.250 1
PURVIS Daniel – Southport 86.250 1
PANTELEYMONOV Ruslan – Hinckley 85.900 3
THOMAS Kristian – Earls 85.100 4
FOLWELL Luke – Huntingdon 83.350 5
FIRTH Matthew – City Of Leeds  82.200 6


1 SEAGER Theo – Bury 15.725
1 FOLWELL Luke – Huntingdon  15.725
3 PANTELEYMONOV Ruslan – Hinckley 15.325


1 FERN Samuel – City Of Leeds Gym Club  14.700
2 PANTELEYMONOV Ruslan – Hinckley  14.650
3  HUNTER Sam – Unattached 14.550


1 SMITH Louis – Huntingdon 14.550
2 THOMAS Kristian – Earls  13.800
3 PURVIS Daniel – Southport 13.550

Parallel Bars

1 PANTELEYMONOV Ruslan – Hinckley  14.850
2 HUNTER Sam – Unattached 14.800
3 PURVIS Daniel – Southport  14.650

High Bar

1  SEAGER Theo – Bury 14.200
2 THOMAS Kristian – Earls 14.100
3 HUNTER Sam – Unattached 14.050


1 PANTELEYMONOV Ruslan – Hinckley 15.250
1 PURVIS Daniel – Southport  15.250
3 FOLWELL Luke – Huntingdon  14.800

07/11 – Under 18’s (Junior)

Sam Oldham (Huntingdon) firstly took Europe by storm at the 2010 Junior European Championships, then became a Champion at the Youth Olympics and has now sealed a superb year by being crowned the 2010 British Men’s Junior Champion.

With the final routine of the competition, on Parallel Bar, Sam dismounted to a big smile and 86.500 point to take the All-around title to add to his Junior European All-around crown. In second place was Max Whitlock (South Essex- 85.200) another gymnast who enjoyed his place on the medal rostrum at the European Championships; Ashley Watson (City of Leeds 83.550) took the Bronze.

Sam Oldham: “2010 has been an incredible year for me, capped of by this title. I started of with a few injuries at the beginning of the year and wasn’t even sure I would compete at the Europeans, but I did and it went brilliantly for me, (All Around, Team and High Bar Gold) and gave me the opportunity to compete at the first ever Youth Olympics in Singapore which was an awesome experience (High Bar Gold). The next thing I know I came back to Britain and was selected as reserve for the Senior World Championships Team! I traveled to Rotterdam and got to train on the podium along with the best gymnasts in the World, which was a really good learning experience. Then finally the British Championships title just seals the year, I went clean today on all 6 pieces, the next big challenge for me is to pass my driving test!”

07/11 – Under 16’s (Youth)

Courtney Tulloch (Pegasus) followed his victory at the 2010 UK Schools Games by taking the British Under-16 title in Leicester scoring 79.350.
Dominick Cunningham of Earls took the Silver (77.100) and Thomas Gibbs of Heathrow Bronze (76.100)

Courtney Tulloch: “I’m really pleased with today, last year I came 2nd and to now become British Champion is really amazing. It’s been a great year; I was UK Schools Games Champion and now this. I think I’m learning a lot and particularly how to perform under pressure, which is very important. Looking ahead to next year I want to keep progressing and hopefully make British Teams for Internationals.”

06/11- Under 12’s

Hamish Carter (Notts School) took the Boys Under 12 British title on the first day of competition at the 2010 Men’s British Championships in Leicester his score of 73.650 enough to take top spot ahead of Giarnni Regini-Moran (Waveney -72.950) and Tom Nicolaou (Pipers Vale – 72.850)

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