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12 08 2011

Just uploaded some stock athletic images into the Sport Feature section of the library. Photos can be viewed at

A young athlete pictured during a throwing event


Athletics Track & Field

8 03 2010

The athletics track and field season gets underway next month.I will be covering some of the National meets this year as well as some local events.The photo above shows Liverpool Harrier and World Youth Heptathlon Champion Katarina Johnson- Thompson.This photo was taken last summer at the Merseyside Track and Field  Championships.

Shooting action photos is all about timing.The modern trend is to keep your finger on the shutter and you are bound to “get the shot”.This is not always the case and a little knowledge about the sport and anticipation often leads to a better photograph. This was shot using a 300 2.8 lens with a D3 camera.I also try to look for uncluttered backgrounds,this along with a narrow depth of focus gives a pleasing result.

Alan Edwards